10 things…

So, I’ve seen this kind of post on a few blogs lately. I like to keep my life pretty private, but not. Ok, that doesn’t make sense, but it’s reality. I like to be open and honest, but yet keep things close to my heart. I thought of starting with 25…but why bite off more […]

Craft Rooms!

So, I love looking at what other people do in their craft rooms. I find it inspirational to look at what other people have done. I have sometimes just copied what other do, but mostly it gives me an idea on how to use something I already have. I have a few tips that have […]

Living Room re-do

So, we are still house hunting and with the current state of the United States’ debt ceiling, we are just waiting it out this week before making an offer on the house we really like. So here’s a before of my current living room…I’m thinking ahead, so what I do here is going to be […]

My Notebook

So lately I’ve been reading about how many “bloggers” (I haven’t quite embraced that this is actually what people do for a living yet, but I’m warming up to the idea) keep tabs on what they want to blog about. I mean, most bloggers are women and we have how many words a day? About […]

Studio Time!

Here’s what’s happening in my studio-I’m sewing for myself!!!! The Socialite Skirt *photo from Elle Apparel Pettiskirt : This is made of muslin. I did mine exactly as she did. It worked out perfectly.   *Photo from AlisaBurke   Here is a great Tutorial I found today. With all the lace showing up in the […]

“Let Down Your Hair!”

Romeo and Juliet right? “Let down your hair…deny my….something something….” It’s been awhile since I’ve read Shakespeare, you’ll have to forgive me. This post is dedicated to a new friend from church. She’s a brand new mom. While we haven’t spent much time together, we’d been in the music team for a while together now. […]


I have a love/ hate relationship with laundry. I find pleasure in properly sorting out the light colors from the darks, whites from the towels, etc, etc. I feel such success when I finish folding a bunch of laundry. I know, odd. But the in-between parts are what annoys me. Remembering to switch the washing […]

Tonight’s Crafting Menu

I got these in the mail today!!! Eeeekkk! I was so excited! Now for them to reach their full potential I need a cricut expression. Anyone selling? Want to trade for a smaller cricut original? Email me!! And with that I go to dine in my studio with my new toys. What’s on your crafting […]