Easter, Day 3..and 4

With the girls back today, I thought we’d do a few crafts. I had everything planned out. And it lasted a whole 10 minutes! 10 Minutes! A very big surprise. But the Mister is home for a few days, so he is a major distraction to my crafting rituals with the girls. Here’s what we […]

Easter week, Day 2

Today, the girls went to visit their Nana. That being said, while I know they did Easter things there, I have yet to discover what they were. They get to have a sleep over. So I will let you know all about those exciting crafts and snacks tomorrow. But for today, I wanted to share […]


  I really don’t like the idea of most thrift stores. I have gone into a few and really they have never seemed like what you see on home design shows. However, that’s probably because I wasn’t actually there with the host of the show and therefore, I on my end am probably experiencing the […]


My girls love to paint. I think it’s the independence they get. Hummm…wonder who they get that quality from? I know a lot of parents don’t ever let their children paint at home. Ever. Not outside. No watercolors (pretty easy clean up). And definitely no liquid paint! I was always so disappointed by this as […]

Nursery Reveal…Part 2!

In case you missed it, visit Nursery Reveal…Part 1 . OK! Here it is! Baby M finally has a baby boy nursery….with all pink eliminated. Not that he would know 🙂 What do you think? The story behind the theme of his room is that the first night he was born I couldn’t sleep. The little hat […]

Thoughts on Mommahood

Sometimes life as a momma keep me away from writing. And I find that challenging because all day I think of things I want to write about. I think writing is truly therapy for me, as when I write, life becomes clearer. The situation isn’t as hard as I think it may be. One of […]