So, I admit it, I’ve always kept a journal. Always. Since I was about 12. I don’t know if it is because I adore this character:   Source: via Krystle on Pinterest Even so, journaling has always helped me keep a level head. It helps me think before I speak and hurt someone. It […]

Pinterest Fridays Returns!

I haven’t done a post about Pinterest in a few months, but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t been using it on a daily basis! I am still nursing Lil’ E and so I find myself during the rare (finally!) midnight feedings keeping myself awake by either scrolling through pinterest on my iPhone or thinking […]


Both my girls are spring babies. Mid April and the End of May. And in there is my husband’s and brother’s birthday. And then it’s my nephew’s and my mom’s. So it’s birthday season in our house! And I love planning a good party. Especially kids parties. Children are so forgiving and so excited about […]

Where are we?

It’s surprising how fast the days go by! I love my girls so much and I know that I won’t get these days back. So while I long to be in my studio crafting, drafting, writing & sewing, I know they are more important. And they are why I have nap time, when I can […]

Keeping preoccupied…

So, I feel bad for not being active with my blogging. I am constantly thinking of things to blog about, and I even write them down! Part of the issue is time. I had my first full night of sleep last night. I know that once that becomes really consistent….like asap, I will be able […]