Peace be Still

Mark 4:39

39 Then He arose and rebuked the wind, and said to the sea, “Peace,[a] be still!” And the wind ceased and there was a great calm.

I was sitting in my office tonight ready to sew and these words came to my heart.

“Peace, be still.”

As I finish off the summer, I feel that as mommas especially we may need these words now more than ever. We need God to come to bring us peace. To still our minds and hearts.

It’s amazing to watch wildlife protect their young, but our race is no different.

All the facebook posts and instagram polls…..

The texts asking eachother what in the world we are doing to school our children this fall……

I know for me personally I have switched back and forth numerous times on what to do September 3rd.

It’s really quiet an impossible situation really. Most of the variables in our lives aren’t even the same. Some of us work outside the home. Some of us work inside the home. Some of us volunteer a lot and need our kids in school. Some of us may just have a lot of kids and just need 9-2 to quiet our minds. We look forward to the hours of vacuuming and listening to an audiobook. There are many reasons why school is needed for our children. So many.

Yes, we are ok. Our kids are still ok. Perhaps a bit bored of eachother, but for most of us, we still have eachother. We might not have lost immediate family perhaps nor do we know anyone who has contracted covid. We are still here. Still present. Still hopeful for tomorrow to bring a sense of normalcy.

Lately, I haven’t read the news (I really do enjoy listening to a variety of news stations and I like reading the paper on Sundays. I have learned how to filter out or skip ahead over the bad news and stick to the politics, my personal favorite). The news has made me feel overwhelmed. I love all my friends, but sometimes there’s overwhelm with the topics there too. Or mainly I just second guess my parenting decision on school attendance.

I find myself looking for quiet on the outside in the hopes that it will quiet the inside. But that’s not really what defends the beat of my heart.

It’s that still small voice standing up in my spirit that speaks life over me, “Peace, be still”.

This verse isn’t saying, “Hey Mr Peace, sit still for once.” (Sorry, that was my teacher voice….) The verse is speaking “Peace” and “Be still” over the waves.

Boy, have there been waves lately. If you have been in 2020, you know what I am talking about. Waves over every area of our lives.

Tonight, I am choosing to lean into those words being declared over the waves in my own life. My decisions won’t be yours, and yours won’t be mine. We don’t live the same life. God has made us each so unique. He writes our story. There’s a reason He is guiding you to homeschool. Maybe there’s a conversation with your middle school student that will only happen if you are face to face over math facts or the fine points of the English language. Maybe God wants your kids in school because there will be a child whose single dad or mom had to go back to work and they need school to open. Maybe that child needs a friend and he wants your child to be it.

We don’t know why God is guiding us all in different directions. But I know one thing. He wants us to declare peace over this situation. Over these waves and storms of life. Our kids are watching.

I have never before felt so without answers, so without direction, so without a plan.

But I do know that He holds our days. He holds our moments. I am certain of this. When I close my eyes to quiet my heart, I feel it. I feel Him right there. And that is the miracle I needed in my life today.

This is your story. Don’t compare yours to someone else’s. It wasn’t designed for you. We are each unique and perfectly suited to live our own life.

You’ve got this, Momma.

(Just so you know, I am preaching to the choir;) )

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