New Hobby??

So, I think I may have started yet another new hobby….I now have three: sewing, scrapbooking and photography. My sweet friend, Kari told me she had to have me take photos of her. And I have to say, once I saw them, I got really excited. Once I edited them, I got really excited. Mainly […]

Up and Down Ideas

So, I’m back. And have just completed and sent out 2 orders of minky baby blankets! Feeling very productive, indeed! We have yet to add these minky blankets to our website because they just fly out of here faster than we can grab a camera and photograph them. But if you are interested in ordering […]

Shop on Holidays

So, its that time of year-holidays. This year we are having a stay-cation and vacation in one;) I’ll be posting photos of wonderful new ideas I’ve had while taking a break from everyday life! Enjoying the sun, play and sleep time! Krystle