Maternity Photos Sneak Peak

We love Jenny over at JA Photography ! She has always done a really great job at capturing our family. Lil’ A really loves getting her photo taken…provided we’ve talked a lot about it before hand. And Lil’ E…well I don’t think she’s figured out why we take so many photos of her. We can never catch […]

Fall Mantle

    Every time I take a photo of what’s on my mantle, I think, “I really need to paint that brick…” While it was pretty in it’s day, it really needs an update. The walls in the room are blue on top of the chair rail & an off white on the bottom. I […]

Order’s Up!

Sometimes I am not that brave when it comes to cooking. When we first got married, I was a horrible cook. No, no, not just me saying I was horrible, but my husband (as sweet as he is) always found the nicest words to tell me to use a recipe, this was awful. Awful usually […]

Preschool Week 3

So, I have a confession to make….we didn’t get to our preschool lessons last week! I know, right?! But at least that proves to you that I am just as busy, forgetful, or unorganized as some of you may feel, but you think you are the only one in that boat. Especially with all the […]

Preschool Week 2

Hope everyone enjoyed the preschool lessons last week! Lil’ A really enjoyed it! She wanted to do more. Hopefully that trend continues. This week I’ve added the Fruit of the Spirit component in a quick way. So if you choose to use it, great. But it isn’t the main part of the lessons, just an […]

Preschool Lesson Week 1

So, I’ve finally compiled my preschool lessons so that you as stay at home moms (or dads!) can have something simple, short & fun to do with your child during the day. I have been out of the classroom for 3 years, and while I miss it a lot (the students, the parents, the high […]