Pinterest Friday!

  Because of this little muchkin, I haven’t gotten in much sewing the last few weeks. She is moving a lot now! And all you mommas out there know that once they move, that means more falls. She wants to move like the “big girls”, but she hasn’t started fully walking yet. She can keep […]

It’s one of those days….

One of those days, eh? Seriously I have no will power to do much else this afternoon than sit and scroll through Pinterest. I did however bike on the stationary bike for 25 minutes…so I feel that I can give myself a bit of time to “window shop”. I have 2,499 pins! That’s crazy! Don’t […]


Lately, I find myself sitting in my studio and wanting to scrapbook. But the sheer disorganization I find myself in for lack of storage for my growing supplies, has me walking back out the door. I finally got my hands on the new Stampin’ Up catalogue. So much inspiration. I have a great friend who […]

Lil’ E has some news….

  So, yes, this is the reason I’ve been absent. Not really the long nights planning & creating two birthday parties. Haha! I’ve never dealt with the lack of comfort, ability to eat, sleeplessness, headaches, and exhaustion with my other two pregnancies. I’ve craved salt like I never thought I would. I can’t stand finishing […]