Pinterest Friday!


Because of this little muchkin, I haven’t gotten in much sewing the last few weeks. She is moving a lot now! And all you mommas out there know that once they move, that means more falls. She wants to move like the “big girls”, but she hasn’t started fully walking yet. She can keep up better by crawling.

But while I’m watching for falls, I pin. Can that really be a verb like, “Facebooked/facebooking” has become? I think so.

Here are a few of my latest additions to both the sewing board and sewing pile!


Source: via Krystle on Pinterest

 Hope you found some inspiration! I already have fabric for a few of these, so I promise to post the finished product, along with any changes I made and links to the original tutorial (I’m a teacher, smart teachers don’t always reinvent the wheel!)



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