Why I…

…Love summer!

Ok, I am not really going to talk about why I love summer, but rather the sarcastic side of summer; swimsuits! Any women hear me? This year I tried to find a new one piece. Yes, one piece. I had seen a few I liked…

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Well the first one was my favourite, but I missed it by just a few days. It sold out in my size pretty fast. I waited a few months until Shabby Apple released their new

line. And then I found this:



It was much like the first one I had fallen in love with. If you read the description, it does warn that the cup size runs small. But I decided to just try it anyway. Really I thought It couldn’t be that bad… I used a coupon code from another great sewing blog I read (Elle Apparel) and paid the high price in shipping. It arrived 2 weeks later, and I loved it. It was even better in person. And it fit everywhere, except, you guessed it! Well, I was pretty sad that I had missed out on the purple suit, because apparently it had been true to size.

This is a Shabby Apple product. They are based on modest and classic dresses and swimsuits for women. I love their style. Being that I hadn’t gotten pregnant so soon after Lil’ E, I might have a few new dresses in my wardrobe.

Here’s what impressed me the most about Shabby Apple. I e-mailed and got a reply in 1 day about returning the suit and seeing what the next size up was. Jonni was very helpful. I ordered the next size up, using a gift card promo that had come to my e-mail, so that suit was a bit cheaper. Not only that, I had forgotten to mention that I was in Canada, so she had told me she would refund my shipping on the next suit anyway, because she had told me she would! Most companies will just tell you that they didn’t notice you were in Canada and that they won’t be able to do it. She refunded part of my shipping (because it is expensive) and helped me work out the details of the refund. She took my comments about shipping well and was always quick to reply. This is my second experience with Shabby Apple and both have been professional and such a help in online ordering-which can be daunting when dealing with our clothes!

So thank you Shabby Apple! I will be ordering in the future again!










P.S. Needless to say, the second suit didn’t fit either and was way too big. Bummer…because I was looking forward to wearing it a lot in our heat this summer! And again, Shabby Apple has been very helpful!


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