Snack Bag Tutorial

Today, I finally had time between all the interruptions to get this tutorial up! Lil’ A is missing her playmates more today than normal and is begging me to do everything for her. Not to mention the thumb sucking has gotten to me a bit more lately. Any usable advice on how to get her to stop is appreciated:)


Start with two pieces. 10″x15″ approximately. My outside piece is 100% Cotton. The inside is PUL. You could also use another piece of cotton or I’ve seen people use fabric from an old windbreaker. It all depends on what you will have in the bag.












Fold the outer fabric in half right sides together. Pin










Trim edges to 1/4″ This just allows for less bulge in the finished product.











Fold the lining right sides together. (The right side of PUL is the shiny side). Pin. Mark where you want to sew. Here, I matched up the outer fabric to the lining. Sew a line just inside the outer fabric seam. This is so the bag fits together without extra fabric.













Trim off the excess fabric to about 1/4″ or even a bit less. Again, less bulk.











Turn the outer fabric right side out and iron. Make sure you push out the corners with a pointy end. I use an old chop stick. (It wasn’t used…promise!)











Now, this is the way I did this bag. Others, I have done right side to right side. But this was way faster, especially if you have a serger. If you don’t practice with scraps of both of these fabrics and set your zigzag stitch to your liking for this step.
Tuck the lining into the outer fabric, wrong side to wrong side. Line up the side seams first, then pin the rest. I did have to stretch and tuck a few of the bags I did, since I didn’t follow my own directions carefully!














All lined up.












Word to the wise! Go slow with the serger. Those machines are fast! I just got mine 6 months ago and am still learning how to drive it. Pins and serger don’t mix.
Sew all the way around. Don’t leave an opening. You aren’t going to turn it.
















All sewn up.










Turn bag wrong side out. Turn the edge down as wide as your velcro is plus a 1/4″. Be careful with the PUL & the iron, but press just the folded edge. Be careful not to iron the PUL. Plastic and heat don’t mix that well directly. (Although in the dryer, these do fine, just like a PUL cloth diaper. The heat in the dryer helps to seal the PUL to prevent leaks.)













Line up your second velcro with the first and pin well.










Sew slowly two lines on the velcro. I usually remove the pins after the first row. Double back at each end well.











Turn right side out and you are done! I also lightly press mine to give them a more finished look.











Now if you don’t sew, I do have a whole handful of these to put up in my shop before school starts in September. Our store will be closed from July 20th-August 1 to restock and reorganize in anticipation for Back to school & Christmas!

Look for Pinterest Friday tomorrow! I’m getting close to 3,000 pins! Now really how will I ever get to do that many things? I won’t…but at least I don’t have a bulletin board covering my office wall with that many cut outs. Pinterest is organization at it’s finest.




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