Princess Belle….

A few weekends ago, a cute lil’ Princess turned 2! This is Lil’A’s friend, Lil’ S 🙂 (These photos are courtesy of her mommy) Lil’ S was in need of Princess Play clothes! So that is what Lil’ A gave her for her birthday. I didn’t get photos of Lil’ A in it after I […]

Bookmarks..the computer kind

So, I am the worst at filing. There, I admitted it. I have three folders of “Krystle’s Stuff” on our mac mini…that were created 2-4 years ago to hold my work teacher files. Half of them were made using Microsoft Publisher. Ahhh! Now, what will I do? Yup, I think I should pay some highschool […]

Summer Recipes!

So, these aren’t the kind you are thinking they are. I am talking about recipes to keep your children entertained this summer. Here in Canada we still have a month until School starts-School starting will always be the end of summer for me. Regardless of where I am or what I am doing as a […]

Latest “Crafting”

So, this post is for my friends and family. They are always asking what I’ve been doing and words never seem to do it justice. I love Peonies. And while I don’t have any in my yard, I have a mother and mother in law who have them in abundance. I love how full they […]

It’s here!

So, the UPS man brought this to me today! I might be MIA from my blog for a few days, as I’ve got a project now. As my husband was helping me fold the 4 yard long piece of floral fabric he says, ” so and so from work had an interior designer come and […]


So, I just realized I surf blogs way too much! I really need to work on that…maybe… Today I decided to share with you some of things I have stumbled upon recently while reading online. Side note-I can read a whole book cover to cover in 4 hours and not once take a break to […]


So I’ll come right out and say it. I hate sleeping. I know, “Oh my goodness!”  I can hear you gasping at that statement. I like to sleep…but yet I hate it. I have trouble getting to sleep because my brain just doesn’t shut off. I keep thinking. Mostly about what I could be doing […]