So, I just realized I surf blogs way too much! I really need to work on that…maybe…

Today I decided to share with you some of things I have stumbled upon recently while reading online. Side note-I can read a whole book cover to cover in 4 hours and not once take a break to rest my eyes. However, even though I am reading other blogs (which is like reading a magazine in my opinion), I have to stop and take a break for my eye’s sake. Must be the glowing screen:)

Here are a few great ideas!

Easy Cake Pops!

Found via:


Chalkboard Dresser



Found via: Apartment Therapy

I just have to stop and say, I love chalkboard paint! I seriously started searching for different colors on a recent trip to the US, however I had read that you can make it. I just couldn’t remember where. The above website had the fomula: 2 tablespoons of unsanded grout to 1 cup of latex paint! Ahhhhh…guess what’s happening this week at my house:)

And how about this chalkboard creation?

Found via: Cookie Mondays


I am planning on going to Ikea this week (even though I’ve been there 3 times this week!) and trying this idea out!

I love learning how to do new, cute, craft projects. Here ( Make Something Splendid )is a website you can do classes through-at home! Aren’t these cute?

Anyway….that’s all of my cute findings for today! Post a comment and tell me what your favourite finding is of late. I always enjoy a good read.

Happy surfing,







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