It’s here!

So, the UPS man brought this to me today!


I might be MIA from my blog for a few days, as I’ve got a project now.

As my husband was helping me fold the 4 yard long piece of floral fabric he says,
” so and so from work had an interior designer come and do their bathrooms.”
“oh really?” I say, ” how much was that?”
“Just 2,500.00. You should call them.”
” You would seriously let me call someone to do what I can for less than that?”
“Yeah, so that the colors are right and stuff.”

Ok…really? This is from the guy who won’t let me spend 100.00 to have a maid come once every two months. I see his confidence in me has diminished because of the bold floral. Our house has never looked bad color wise…it’s just bright;)

Later the conversation about the cost of the fabric happened…it was $200.00 with shipping. And I’m providing the labor….so I’m saving him $2,300.00. Hopefully he’ll be happy with my design. And his confidence will be restored;)

Now I’m off to sew…well soon anyways. First it’s the dreaded 2 month vaccinations.


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