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So, this post is for my friends and family. They are always asking what I’ve been doing and words never seem to do it justice.

I love Peonies. And while I don’t have any in my yard, I have a mother and mother in law who have them in abundance. I love how full they are! I wish they lasted longer season wise. I guess I’ll have to make some tulle pompoms to fill in huh? I just love the way they are arranged on my table.







I really should have take a before and after of the closet in my studio. I pressed and folded each piece of fabric-going through a package and a half of comic boards (See here for idea & tutorial link) A package is 100 boards by the way:)


This is art that I made yesterday for the bathroom. My husband thinks that we needed a big piece of art. There was no way I was spending more than $20.00 on art for a bathroom. So I just took some fabric for the background (I saw it at Ikea like that in a frame, but I thought it was a bit boring) and took out my Cricut and went to work.

Here it is in the frame

The frame came from Ikea. I like their new line of frames. I may have to buy a few more. Although I have no more wall space in my house not already inhabited by photos, so I guess I will have to wait.

I can’t wait to show you photos of the bathroom all done up. I might even post a few photos of my newly organized linen closet. But alas, I forgot to take before photos, so I guess no one will really believe that it was so messy!

I also just finished a cute little birthday present for one of Lil’ A’s best buds. I will post photos after the party on Saturday! I hope she likes it as much as Lil’ A does. Let’s just say it’s a lot of princess & yellow all rolled up together….any guesses?

I also just bought the amazing new Cricut Cartridge from Close to my Heart. Check out my friend over at Cre8tive Cookie ! She has some of the projects off the new cartridge. I can’t wait to get it and play with it some more. I think my house could use some art that doesn’t include photos of our family (my friends know what I am talking about).

My crafting continues tonight with the creation of my couch cushions! Ohhhh I am sooooo excited to get started on my redo!

Check me out on Pinterest! You will be able to see the ideas I have for my kitchen re-do! I can’t wait to make my island look like a unique piece of furniture. Stay tuned for the progress!




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