Princess Belle….

A few weekends ago, a cute lil’ Princess turned 2! This is Lil’A’s friend, Lil’ S 🙂

(These photos are courtesy of her mommy)
Lil’ S was in need of Princess Play clothes! So that is what Lil’ A gave her for her birthday. I didn’t get photos of Lil’ A in it after I made it, but I think the photos her mommy took turned out so much better on this Sparkling Princess, don’t you think?
Every Princess needs a crown…so I used the Cricut Cartridge “Once upon a Princess” to cut this out of fun foam (Found at many craft stores) I had to use the deep cut blade, but it worked! I was going to use velcro to do it up (so her mommy didn’t always have to put it on for her…) but that just got stuck in my model’s hair (Lil’ A loves to be my model lately!) We even added sparkles at Lil A’s request!
Next came the idea for the tutu. I love giving these as gifts at the age of 2 and 3. I think that is the prime time for little girls to learn the art of being a princess! (This kindof goes against the point of the article I posted on Facebook recently…however, I think there is a definite line of balance.)
I had seen some Disney Princess Aprons someone made & sells on (I can’t for the life of me find them now!) I thought that would be a good idea for Tutus for Daisy’s Tickle Trunk tutus, so I thought I would replicate a Disney Princess’s skirt in a tutu for lil’ S. Her “favorite” princess is Belle, so it was perfect. My Lil’ A isn’t really into princesses right now, but does love wearing a tutu and playing with Daddy’s light sabers:) So I thought I’d try out this idea on Lil’ S, and boy did she love it.
Happy 2nd Birthday Lil’ Miss S! You know I love you!!
Add a little glitter to your life today! 🙂 (My husband still thinks those “little metal shards” that make up my favorite crafting medium, glitter, are bad for the girls. But I did tell him that I grew up with lots of glitter, and I am totally fine….or maybe this blog is evidence that the glitter was the pill that has provoked all this crafting….. I guess we will know in 20 years once my girls outgrown glitter. )

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  1. I hope the crafting rubs off from all the things you give her!! And she loves the “parkles” as she calls them!

    Love your new site! Even the new fonts.


  2. SOOOO CUTE!!!
    Lil’ S looks so adorable… Oh ya, and the tutu and crown are really cute too 🙂

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