Sunday, September 11th

So, today (it took me a few days to post this…) I am writing in the car. On an iPhone. So that’s all fine and good, but man would an iPad be great! Perhaps if I talk about it enough and endorse their usefulness, Steve Jobs (or his successor) will give me one to use! Ok, so it’s worth a shot.

Today is September 11th. I was thinking back 10 years to where I was when it happened. I was having an orthodontic checkup, since my braces had been off for about 18 months. A person in the waiting room knew someone who worked there and they instantly started to panic. I couldn’t believe it. All day I was in shock, like most people. But I was far away.

We’ve been in the DC area just under 2 weeks and I’ve had to stay away from the media. All the talk about a possible threat was making me nervous. I honestly wanted to be home before the 11th, but the NFL sucked my husband into a stadium nearby, so here we are. Today has been a good lesson for me in trusting God to keep me, my family and friends safe. Yes, things were apparently “heightened” security wise, but it wasn’t visible at all. We drove back into town & just went about our day as if it was any other. But a minute didn’t go by that we weren’t driving by a military base thinking about the sacrifices men and women make who serve our country. We all need to count our blessings. Freedom is not free.

We are actually driving through Virginia, Norfolk to be specific. Anyone been there? We actually were over in Cape Charles. Boy is that a dead town. Well now that school is in. But it was really cute (if you can say that about a town). Think Gilmore girls crossed with the oldest, hickish town you have in your area and you have Cape Charles. The best thing-there was nothing to do! Sounds crazy right, but my husband loves projects. He will never admit it. Our house is done. There is nothing to do, but he always thinks of something new to do to it. ( not that I don’t, but I admit it:)

Anyway. All we did was sit on the beach, walk to the beach, swim at the beach & eat. Oh and they have a spa. Funny right? There are two big, and apparently hard golf  courses on either side of the town. So I think that was the idea behind that.

So, it was a beautiful, calm holiday. I love the east coast. The sand dunes, tall grasses & warm water(most of the time).

This leads me to what I’ve been doing work wise. Pretty much nothing but thinking. It’s been nice to just reflect on the last year and a bit that Daisy’s has been around.

My focus has been on the store side of things, Whig has been great. We’ve been growing by word of mouth and Facebook(which is a virtual word of mouth in my opinion). A week doesn’t go by that I am not making a tutu or superhero cape! I love helping to build children’s imaginations & play time. It’s what I love about teaching young children.

I feel that my blog is becoming a much more regular thing. I like posting at least 3 times a week if not more. The great thing is, I can use some of my words (women have so many, right?) on you all instead of my adoring husband.

So I’ve decided to focus a bit more on the art of moms. What makes us tick? What happens during the day and how I deal with life as a mommy, wife, woman & business woman. Really the blogs I read are ones that encourage me as a many hat-wearer & ones that give me great ideas. We can never have too many ideas or too much encouragement. So this blog will be taking off in that direction! I’m super excited about it!

What I’m equally excited about is my new site design!! Thank you to my talented web developer, Mr. Wicklund at perazim media! (sorry, you are just always gonna be Mr. Wicklund!!) I love the new, spontaneous change and look and I hope you all do too!

With that, my fingers are getting tired typing on this small keyboard, so I guess this is it! I have so much more to share, but I need that iPad;) Hopefully my dear husband reads this when he gets his RSS feed this week and gets all my hints. Christmas/birthday combo??? Ok, I’m done, really. Right now I should focus my efforts on getting him to stop outside of Richmond, VA for a Cherry Limeade at Sonic!!

UPDATE: I got my Cherry Limeade at Sonic:)

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  1. Try the Strawberry, Banana, Cherry Limeade!!

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