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This post was started on our 10th anniversary back in June…however I was busy embracing life with my adventurous family. And that is always more important than blogging. While I’ve had so many great posts working in the tablets in my head, I haven’t found the time nor energy to write them just yet. So stay tuned….my kiddos are visiting their grandparents ALOT this summer. Meaning, Momma gets to write. 🙂 (I still don’t know how to insert all those fancy faces into text messages let alone this blog, so please excuse the enormous use of this version 🙂


So TEN years…

10 Years ago we looked like this:


6 years into our marriage we welcomed Lil’A, and the rest is history. It really is. I sometimes don’t remember too clearly what those years looked like before diapers and mini vans.


Summer 2013



















carriage ride









It’s funny because here we don’t really look like we’ve been married 10 years.

What you can’t see is this:

minivan holiday









Our mini van (well this was on holidays…but, ours looks almost like it…except that we favour imports like the Honda Odyssey)

And in said Mini Van, we have 7 suitcases, 1 little-child-wants-a-suitcase-but-daddy’s-gonna-pull-it-with-a-short-handle carry on, 1 man bag, 1 diaper bag, 1 camera bag, & 1 large purse(only to hold my own clothes in case of any child messes-which did occur:)

Oh…and one large double stroller. Yeah. Good thing my Nana wasn’t at home, but at her “cottage”. We moved right in!

(As far a Nana’s go, mine has to be the most easy going when it comes to her grandkids. Just don’t ever cross her when it comes to her family….you won’t make it out:)


This was us, June 6, 2003….and yes, we were young. Some say it is the happiest, best day of their lives. Usually they say that before they had kids. I’d say it was the day that I made one of the best decisions in life-to marry this Mister. 10 years is a lot now a days. I know of 3 couples who got married the same year and they are not married today. Life has sure changed. The best day was when I got married….then it was when I had Lil’ A, then Lil’ E and finally Baby M. So I think it’s better to say these are the “Best dayS of my life!” (Please go ahead…sing that song out loud, not just in your head;)


wedding photo










This guy puts up with all my teaching stuff…then hauling around said teacher stuff, then my craft stuff (because what Kindergarten teacher isn’t crafty, right?) Now we have a whole room dedicated to my “stuff”. Granted his hobbies are less…should I say ‘heavy’ than mine (I know a few guy friends in our life who would agree), but he still lets me have mine.

He also puts up with my lack of energy since having our kids. Yup…I am the momma who really would rather park close and use a cart, than walk to the store. And no, I haven’t put on a ton of weight since getting married…but I definitely have gained some marriage weight!

And because this is my blog and not his, I will keep his imperfections to the minimum (insert him reading over my shoulder as I type, “What imperfections?”  Hahah, honey!)

Minimum being that I bang my head on the top cupboards that he leaves opening when..wait for it…emptying the dishwasher and doing the dishes! Yup-he does that and dirty diapers! I know…what a catch:)

I thought it would be fun to take a random trip down memory lane and share with you some of the things that have made us, us.

So here’s us in numbers….

10 years married

9 months pregnant….(x3)

8 vacations (I went to university year round for our first two years of marriage)

7 the time our alarms used to ring, now we don’t need an alarm, we got three kids, eh!

6 chairs around the table…should we fill the last one? 🙂

5 cars before we bought the “M.V.” It stands for Mommy Vehicle… 🙂

4 years were spent in our first home…then we built a new house! (Word to the wise-when building a new home…drag your husband to as many showhomes as possible. This way, you will eventually find out what he likes, especially if your husband is anything like mine. “Yes, dear” are frequent words in our house when it comes to home decor…but later on, there are regrets 🙂 Think closets, garages, mudrooms….windows in bathrooms that open…:)

3 adorable kids

2 cats-said cats no longer live with us…please do not ask the details…both goodbyes had to do with new homes & carpet.

1 how many seconds it took me to say yes! ( Maybe one day, I’ll share our love story on the blog….maybe…:)


To celebrate, we took Baby M (since he’s still nursing) and went to Victoria, B.C. If you haven’t been-GO! Especially if you live in Canada. It is really relaxing. You don’t need to leave the country! (And if you really need to shop-take the ferry to Anacortes, WA and drive the I-5 to Seattle.) I could sit and look at the water for ages. The Mister likes to roam around the streets. So we compromised and did a bit of both.











Butchart Gardens




















Butchart Gardens-Sunken Garden

*It’s a garden made in an old rock quarry! Amazing!
















Clearly, the Mister hasn’t figured out how to use an iPhone camera yet! Huge trees, eh?












And of course, we went into a baby store. If I had a storefront, this is what it would look like (and be steps from the ocean!)












The Empress Hotel. We had afternoon tea. I can’t tell you how much it costs per person, or else you won’t go. It was worth it. And it was delicious! I still can’t believe the Mister actually came with me.












See-he’s such a great sport! Baby M slept the whole time in our stroller. (The smallest we own…we left the double and everything else at home this time!)

I have to say, I have the best Husband for me! God hand picked Him just for me. He definitely helps me keep balance in my life. (But because this post is already so long, I’ll stop gushing over him and start writing my next post…hopefully something super crafty!)

Happy Anniversary, Mister. I don’t have words to say how much I love you and how thankful I am that God gave me you.


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