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So this is my first Guest Blog POST! I am very excited to introduce to you a dear friend.

When I first met, Jana, we were teachers across the hall from each other. We were both first years and openly now admit we knew nothing about teaching. Over the years, we have gotten to know each other well. We went through various stages of life: trying to get pregnant, pregnancy, babyhood, maternity leave, will I ever leave the house-leave:), and now the balancing act of having more than one child. Recently, God put us together in the same church…and I have to say I love seeing her every Sunday :). Our children and husbands get along really well. I learn new things from her every day. I would have to say she is one of the strongest, humblest people I know. I am pleased to call her more than friend. After a Sunday afternoon visit, she said, “I love when friends become family.” She is a sister of the heart.  She blogs over at The Dunamis Project .


An Excerpt:

The hardest place for me to be, is in front of a mirror.  When I’m away from a mirror, I can turn on the deepest parts of my imagination, and no matter what I’m wearing, or what my hair looks like that day, I can imagine that I look pretty darn good. The truth of the matter is, that when I see myself in the mirror, I can’t help judging what I see there.  Though I’ve been told by different people at different times in my life that I am attractive, it is very hard for me to see. The biggest battlefield has to be my weight.  Some time, at some point in high school, some person, whom I obviously considered to know more about these things than I did, told me I was fat, and I believed them.  In high school I was 160 pounds, today I’d love to go back there and kick whoever told me that in the bum.

I remember believing that I was fat, and that my legs were so ugly that no one should have to see them.  I told everyone that I didn’t like wearing shorts, and wore long pants through several hot summers of my teenage years.  I will put on shorts these days, but it’s only because the heat won out.  I still have intense struggles with body image, I’m thirty years old, and somewhere the thought has taken root that I am unattractive, that it’s hard for me to lose weight, and trying it will just result in failure.  Recently I worked very hard at a diet, now, I haven’t put all the weight back on that I lost, but I have put on a significant amount.  Talk about another reason to get yourself down.

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