What’s in a Word….2017 Edition

I’m not too much of a person who reflects on things. I always thought I was. Maybe the truth is I used to, and now life just gets so filled with laundry, dishes, cooking and kiddos, that I don’t take the time to sit down and think through what works and what doesn’t and really plan out how to make changes. I really do just go on the fly with so much of my life lately.

But the fact is, I don’t think that’s working. I say that because I blinked and I have a 7 1/2 year old. I started blogging in 2010 and then in 2012 took a long break only writing here every so often if at all.

Being intentional is important. But I find that is hard because my life is cluttered.

Cluttered with stuff. Emotionally, Physical and Mental stuff.

Yes, I’ve read the Magic book about Tidying Up (or whatever the title was). Seriously, holding a sweater and discarding it or keeping it based on a  feeling is not working for me.

I’m trying to teach my children they don’t need more stuff and then I open the American Girl’s Website with them at my side. How silly.

It seems as every blogger is talking about minimalism. Living with less. Not shopping. Shopping your closet first. All these ideas to live with less while their sidebars are full of more stuff.

And then I’m sitting here blogging about living more intentionally, with less clutter. Talk about joining in with a trend. Or is it.

Or has the time come where people are so overwhelmed, unhealthy and just plain unsatisfied with their lives? Are they so hungry for something greater and more purposeful than having a “stockpile” of non perishable food that is about to expire because who eats that much soup?

Is the evidence of the verse in the bible coming to pass? “God will draw all men unto Him” really happening? Or has it already, but there was too much clutter.

The only way we can fix the clutter issue, the too much stuff issue is Jesus. He is the way. He is the life. He said he would meet all our needs. If my needs are met, shouldn’t I go and find someone else in need and give out of the excess. Yeah….I think so.

This brings me to the word God dropped in my heart a few weeks ago. I had simply asked Him to give me a word for 2017 that I could really grab onto like an anchor. Literally one word.


“I Satisfy” I heard as clear as I hear the kids yelling my name almost every minute of the day 😉

It’s such a simple word. So simple. The fact that the God of the universe reminds us over and over in scripture that He is the one who Satisfies our Soul is breathtaking.

The reason so many people are struggling with clutter is because they have used stuff to file the void of accomplishment that only Jesus can fill.

I once read a book about blogging. It held onto the concept that bloggers shouldn’t take sides. Politically or with Religion. I pretty much decided to stop reading, throw out the book….but then remember, this doesn’t apply to me. I don’t treat my relationship with Jesus as a religion. It’s a relationship. Pure and simple.

So this year while I am cleaning out my home of all the stuff I don’t need and teaching myself and my kids to live with less and desire less, I will be resting in the fact that Jesus satisfies me and that all the things of this world are nothing in comparison.

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