Start again….

So I have been thinking all year…”man, I should blog that. ”

And I never did.

I’m not sure why.

I really wanted to be the person who could juggle having a blog, a following and raise 4 little kids under 5.

However, I wasn’t. And guess what? That’s ok.

It’s ok that I can’t do it like so and so on Instagram. It’s ok that I don’t have all that time to figure out the techie side of my blog. There’s still time for me to learn that. (Or maybe one of my kids can:) ) What there won’t be time for is having snuggles on the couch with my 4 year old who starts Kindergarten in less than three weeks. I will be down to one little each morning. And only two in the afternoon.

It’s funny because I watched my other friends go through this season thinking, “Lucky…no more diapers and Dora.”

But I think the take away from being on the other side of that season I so longed for and honestly enjoyed, is that I actually think I have sucked every last ounce of wonder, love, enjoyment and snuggle out of the season of life that feels like you are drowning in all things parenthood.

I am proud of my decision (or laziness…whatever your take away from this is 🙂 ) to not blog. I am happy that I have allowed God to take me through His pathway and not my own. That is so easy to do, isn’t it?

I guess from the beginning, this blog needed to be a place where I could encourage my fellow mommas. However, I think I needed the experience to speak from. Not just the “I’m in this with you”-ness. I want to be able to share something to help you move from point A to B. And to be honest with myself, I couldn’t actually do that personally when I was in the middle.

We are right in the middle of potty training Lil’ K. She’s a firecracker. And we had to wait until she was ready and it was her idea (perhaps that’s not the best parenting decision for all things, but we will deal with that later 😉 I can’t believe that part of my life is closing….but yet I can, because God has taken me on a journey of learning to embrace every season.

So today, I encourage you that in whatever season you may be roaming & combing through in this crazy that makes up your wonderful life, to just embrace it. Sit down on the couch with your littles and your pile of unfolded laundry. Let go of some of that perfection that you crave from your late night scroll of Instagram (you know those photos are staged anyway) and hug your little miracles. Not everyone can say they spend their days with miracles now can they?

Embrace the imperfections of your today. They may be missed more than you realize.

Also, eat cake. It has food groups….eggs, milk, grains…..and some extras.

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