Coming Home

Hello. It’s been a while.

Multiple times a day, I get the urge to write. About a lot of the daily momma stuff. About random spiritual thoughts that I feel I just need to journal about. About life. But I haven’t taken the time. It’s not always finding time.

I find that we really do what we love. My kids eat breakfast for supper more times than I can count because I spent the afternoon sewing. Or I started making garlands (for sale in my shoppe soon!), and I didn’t put in the chicken.

But I think we have to make time. We have to take the time to be creative. To read. To be present with our children. We have to make the choice.

Life is about choices. I find daily, that I can choose to listen to the voice of my God telling me go here, do this, don’t do this. Or I can disobey.

Like yesterday. Driving to school, there was an accident that shut down the highway. I knew this. So I started to take a detour. Until it dawned on me that the detour took me back to the highway. However, when I was sitting at the light to turn onto said detour, I heard Him say, turn around. Not listening caused me 45 minutes sitting on the highway that usually is just 10 minutes of driving. And a lot of crying….my oldest loves school. Like loves it. She despises missing school for fun, for appointments, for illness.

If I would have just listened. Live and Learn.

So, I’m coming home to my blog. To tell my story. To encourage more. To remind you it’s ok to not fold the laundry and to go on a bike ride instead. Your children will never remember that all their laundry was folded the second it came out of the dryer. (Although, maybe that would be the only thing they remembered. I’m not sure I want my kids only remembering how clean the house was. I am trying to stay dedicated to being present).

My favourite book character is Anne of Green Gables. She was a teacher. But always a writer. I’d love to do the same.




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