A Whole New World….

So my summer went like this:











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And just like that, I was a Momma of a preschooler. I just can’t believe how time has flown by for me. Lil’ A is 4 and a half (her birthday is in April, just 40 days past the cut off for school, so she will always be one of the oldest)













I decided today that since this is a new season (I like to call it Autumm:) that I needed to blog again.

You see, this summer taught me to just breathe and take in the little things. The little things that won’t happen again.

Like ‘potentially’ not seeing a baby crawl for the first time (which now that I think about it, I just can’t quite remember the day, or time, but I do remember watching it happening), seeing a little girl walk around in rainboots and a diaper, or watch my oldest see the thrill of strawberries growing on plants (because I don’t know that we will be gardening in the coming years! HAHA!) OK, maybe we will one day do a garden again, I just don’t have patience for a garden as big as ours and three children right now.

I have walked through a lot of emotions this summer. Ups and downs of sorts. Mostly just related to sleep deprivation and being a woman who likes things a certain way. However….I did learn something-before you take any medications, ask all about the side effects!!!

Ok, here’s the story…

I had been having challenges taking Advil since having Baby M. I only took it twice before realizing it with the Advil making my stomach so upset. I did WebMD myself and came to find out that Advil can actually eat at the stomach lining and once you have had a baby, you can be more sensitive in that region (and just anyone over time can get very sensitive to it.)

So off to the doctor to see what she would recommend. She quite quickly diagnosed me, as it seemed quite common to her to have patients in for such a problem. And she also seemed to give me her first choice of medication.

I took it about 2 weeks later when I was having reoccurring headaches. I had drank lots of water and exercised first though, because I had already decided I wasn’t going to use this medication if I didn’t have to.

So I used it. Three days in a row. One pill a day as told.

And oh boy…. (And I have to say, this is some of the reason for my absence.)

You know that quiz they give you after you have had a baby? The one that determines if you have any signs of postpartum depression? Yeah, I could answer every coping well question as

no. And I would have scored a 1 on a scale of 1-10.

It was horrible. I felt awful. I could barely do anything. Each day just blurred. Thankfully, I know a few people who have dealt with this and so I knew I was depressed. But I just couldn’t figure out why all of a sudden I felt like this. It was a period of about 3-5 days after I took the medication in sequence.

I was driving home and just asked the Lord to show me what the deal was. Right away He told me, “Check that medication”. I got home and it was the first thing I did. I took out my phone like a teenager who texts everyone and talks to know one and googled. Sure enough. The side effects were “discouragement, feeling sad or empty, loss of interest.” So feeling depressed.

So I disposed of those quicker than I can eat a bowl of ice cream, and decided if at all fails, I will just drink more water and use some herbal remedies that I have come across. For now, until I can get in to see the doctor.

Seriously! Wow. It seemed like the longest 2 weeks of my life. It took a few days for things to really get back on track, but at least I hadn’t taken any more pills. Goodness! Yeah. Tylenol for me from now on, and my kids. I won’t put advil near them unless 100% subscribed by their paediatrician.


So there you have it. My summer was busy playing and discovering with my Littles, with a big life lesson on the side. No, it doesn’t mean I am going all Eastern Medicine either, because I believe God has given us Western Medicine. But I also believe he has given us the decrement and the wisdom to know to do the research too. I mean, the Mayo Clinic has more medications listed than I can count and they were quite plainly explained. (Read-I didn’t have to be a doctor to read them). Tough, touchy lesson to learn.


And now…I will be back. I have had a few week to recover from that and I have lots more to share. But I really decided I needed to be honest with you all and let you know what had been up. There were so many times I wanted to write during the end of August, but just couldn’t get the will power to do so.

Well, Praise God, He always has the answers, even when we haven’t been as resourceful as we should be.

I hope you’ll be reading! I have a lot of fun things to share! (And maybe I’ll even post the finished preschool lessons:)


Happy Monday!





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