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I really enjoy Pinterest….have I said that lately? It’s the downfall for…they are losing stay at home moms by the minute. No, ok maybe that isn’t the truth, but it sure seems like it. While some of the ideas are just plain silly….or out of my reach, the never ending selection of ideas will cause you to never have an idle moment. Unless you count being on Pinterest as idle time… 🙂 I’ll let you decide for yourself.

Today is Ultrasound day. And yes, I am finding out what we will be having. Now, here’s the back story on this. Both of our lil’ girls were rolled up all so tight at 18 weeks. We never were able to get a clear enough picture to be 100% (or whatever is the highest percent they feel comfortable telling you the gender). And both times I ended up with lil’ girls. This time, when I told my doctor that, she told me that if we go closer to 20 weeks (I’m 19 weeks, 2 days) the better the chance of finding out. And we all know, boys are just a bit more….easier to work with in this area it seems. So we booked it for the ‘staycation’ week to make life easier.

So this Pinterest Friday is going to be geared towards baby….I am once again starting to get into that mode. (I’m also in the tidy and nesting mode, but more on that another day!)





If you have spent any time around the blogging world, you may have run into this fine woman Miss Ashley. I just love her blog and all her ideas. (She and I share a love for white sofa slipcovers & bleach!) She recently welcomed a new baby boy into their family and the nursery she created is just too cute!


Source: via Ashley on Pinterest

I love the ribbon banner!



Source: via Ashley on Pinterest




Source: via Ashley on Pinterest


I love the A & A swaddles blankets…but they are expensive! Did you know that the fabric they use isn’t muslin in North American fabric? It’s gauze! Over time gauze gets super soft, just like these blankets do. I made a few for a friend, so we will have to see what she thinks.

I like that I could get brighter colours. I did order the fabric from Unfortunately, there seems to be a stocking issue at the fabric stores in my town. I waste so much more time running around looking for it, time is money. That 25.00 I pay for shipping and duty is worth it when I get fabric half the price of in the store and at a way better selection. (I know, I know, if we all buy online there will eventually be no stores left…..I don’t have any comment for that except I do what works for me.)










I know there weren’t that many photos of inspiration for boys….don’t take that as me not wanting a lil’ boy. Because I thought Lil’ E was a boy…for 30 weeks! So I do have plans in the back of my mind….they are just covered up by tulle, butterflies & ruffles. I’ll dig around for them this afternoon…if need be!

Happy Weekend!

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