So, we’ve had a great lesson in being content around here. Well more, Lil’ A did. I posted Friday about our impending ultrasound….and well, here’s the results:
















Now, Lil’ A thought seeing baby on the screen was pretty neat. Not until we were in the car and Tommy asked her again what she thought, did she get upset and almost start to cry. She just wanted a “boy” so bad. But I honestly think it is just because a friend of hers is getting a brother. (Turns out that friend wants a sister now too….oh the joys of 3!). So we started to explain to her that God wanted her to have another sister and that sometimes we don’t know why God does things, but we have to trust him.

Now, I am fine with a girl. So is Tommy. We both just wanted a happy, healthy baby and that’s what matters. I do believe God already knows the children he will give you. While I thought it would be fun to have a boy, since my husband comes from one of three brothers, and I have a brother, I needed some girls around. 🙂

In then end, I know it won’t matter to Lil’ A either. I did tell her later that we have to be happy with the things God has given us and think more about how to give to others than what we want ourselves. Now, I know some of you might think that’s a lot for a 3 year old to understand, but don’t be fooled by their size. She actually said, I know and then thought of something we could do for someone else. So I’d like to think she understands.

The funny part of these photos, was that I was trying to get my assistant, (aka Tommy) to empty the balloons on top of the girls….well, that didn’t work, and alas we didn’t get the photo that I wanted. But I think it’s just as cute. And it was 30 C degrees outside.

So while I don’t get to go shopping per say, I think I will be redecorating the nursery…mainly because Lil’ E is moving in with her big sister and some of the items in the nursery are going with her. I am thinking of decorating in these colours:



Source: via Veronique on Pinterest


Source: via Krystle on Pinterest

Source: via Veronique on Pinterest


So…I don’t know. Aqua is a hard colour to commit to I think. I did it in my guest bathroom and love it, but you aren’t really there that long! So, I’ll keep y’all posted!


But going back to the topic I started out with. Being content. I guess you could say that I should be content with what I have in the nursery and go with it. Well, some of the bedding will be going with Lil’ E into her new room, so new baby might be needing at least a sheet or two. I think contentment is a daily lesson. We are so consumed with creating, gaining and having the best, that I get to thinking sometimes that those things really shouldn’t matter, because they aren’t eternal. And yes, God wants us to have the best. But when there are people who still need to hear about Him, and God’s best of salvation, doesn’t that mean much more than the $300.00 jeans, $200.00 new boots for fall, or the new carpet in your house, when it’s in perfect condition? I guess it helps to have a world view. And really that’s not something you get sitting at home. I can’t wait for the chance to take my girls to visit my friend Rebekah in Nopala.

Again, I find this a daily struggle. With all the media & social media we are surrounded with now a days, I just want to hold myself accountable to something greater than myself. I hope you’ll join me in a quest to live more simply so others can simply live…


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