Thankful Day 1











You know that feeling of being overwhelmed with love? I felt it with all three of the births of my children, and when I got married. I also felt it way back when I met my best girlfriend-Sarah.

Recently, I’ve experienced it again. And I don’t think that these people realize the love they let pour from them.












Minus  a few missed mornings due to snow or my kiddos being under the weather, I’ve attended Ladies Morning Out at my church. We snack, we talk, we worship, we pray in small groups and we listen. From the first time I walked into that room at my soon to be new church, I felt loved. I was overwhelmed with a spirit of community. Older women, new mommas, seasoned mommas, young adults. We were all the same. Women seeking to know our Maker more. Pastor Jen’s soft demeanour drew me in instantly (which came through in her email too!). Everyone was friendly. I was 7 months pregnant with Baby M, which is always a good ice breaker, but the friendliness never diminished.

This past year I have made great friends. Caitlyn, Brittany, Jessica, Brandy, Chelsey, Calli, Kirsty, Kristen, Renee….You have all made me feel at home. I couldn’t have made it through this year without your encouragement, prayers, conversations in the nursing mother’s room, your eyes at the splash park, playdates, invitations, and understanding. I am so happy to be apart of a place that reflects Jesus in all they do, even when they have yelled at their kids or are running late. The acceptance that we are not all perfect, but that we are saved by His Grace. The words, “it’s ok, I’ve been there.” Not, “You should walk by the verse such and such”.  Yes, that’s right. The Bible does tell me what to do, but sometimes all a sleep deprived mother needs is someone to say, “I know, I’ve been there too. Would you like to pray?” Or, “How about a bring my kids over to entertain yours so you can have a break?”

Thank you, ladies for making me feel like the best mom on the planet…even though I mess up daily, I am drawing nearer to the Lord than ever before.

You’ve shown me real Grace. I am thankful.





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