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Does this ever happen to you? Boy, it happens to me all the time. I am sure that my grandmother would think it silly. I should be outside or reading a book, she may say. But I guess times are changing. Reading a book is done on your iPad mini and sitting outside is done while answering text messages.

Communication is changing. It makes me wonder what things will be like when my children get to the teenage years. I pray. I pray. And I pray some more. Lord, show me how to protect them, but not shelter them.

The Mister and I were talking about it the other day. When we were kids our parents spent $1,000.00 or more on sets of encyclopedias. Now we will be spending that on a laptop or tablet for our children to basically do the same thing.

I guess you can look at it two ways. It’s bad. Kids should pick up a paper book and read. Or you can say, “Well, we aren’t reading on stone tablets anymore…” and embrace the technology we have now.

As long as it’s used for good. This is what we as parents must teach our children. How to use things for Good. Practice good habits with technology ourselves. Here are my “rules” right now:

1. No answering text messages or phone calls during family time. This includes conversations with my husband. So if it’s an emergency-call me at home and leave a message-I’ll hear that.

2. Only check e-mail once per day.

3. Practice using the internet when others are around. Meaning-keep the technology out in the open. My children will not have access to the internet in their room. And I will teach them how to flee temptation. This is a way that they can do that. The computer desk will be in our family room.

I have young children, so right now the 3rd rule doesn’t apply as much. I usually only use my laptop in my office, kitchen or in bed (I know…..)after they are sleeping…Because right now, they don’t understand why they can’t randomly hit buttons.

Of course, using the Internet and surfing around my favorite blogs is just like reading a book….And I have always had trouble putting a good book down.

My droopy eyelids do win out most times….lately anyway (Hint, Hint, Baby M-please sleep!)









P.S. Before I forget….here’s some of my new favourites:

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As you can see….I like to read a lot of different books:)


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