Preschool Week 6 & Week 7

So, my due date is quickly approaching. With that comes a lot of nesting urges, which my entire house has been feeling. Add to that the season of Christmas (which I enjoy decorating for!), and you have one very tired momma. And if you’re a momma, you know that the first few weeks of a new addition to your house is not normal by any means. Routines are out the window, meals may be take out or ‘casserolled’ and well, you are finding your way to a new normal.

That all being said, I have been instructed to rest. That stern look you get from your doctor after you have explained the aches and pains and they look at you and tell you, “You must rest or else…”. All us moms dread  being told that you are stuck in bed. So instead of getting that lecture tomorrow, I decided that I need to rest. Ok, well so did the Mr. He came home to probably the first full breakdown I’ve had the whole pregnancy on Friday. It was bad. Like crying in the laundry room bad. And kids crying upstairs bad. Yes, even lil’ E joined in because everyone else was crying, so why don’t I? It was great. So after I sat on the couch for a whole hour doing nothing but drinking water, I decided I needed to tie up lose ends with our preschool series for a bit (along with a few other tasks I was busy typing into my iPhone checklist) and start up with Shapes mid-January.

These are the last two weeks of colors. Seeing as everyone momma is busy during the holiday season, I think this will benefit everyone. We will start up again after everyone has re-couped from the holidays in January. Shapes will be about 7 weeks followed by a Writing Readiness unit where I will link up to various posts and websites to give you tips on how to get your child ready to write in 4 year old Preschool. We will go over how to teach your child to print their name without knowing all the letters yet and how to trace, follow lines, etc. Some teachers find these things a bit boring, but by the children don’t. To them, they are writing. And that is exciting. So be excited! We are going to be tracing a lot of swirls and dotted lines in the future.

And for those of you who just “love” painting (coming up in these lessons)….here’s some easy clean up tips:

1. Put the paint in a ziplock bag and then into the paint container. This way you zip it up when you are done so it doesn’t dry out. And you don’t have to scrub the container as much.

2. Put a drop or two of dish detergent in the paint. Mix it in. Especially for red and blue! Those colors seem to be the worse for stains.

Here are your lessons!

Preschool 3 yrs lessons week 6

Preschool Supplementary Material 3 year old week 6

Preschool 3 yrs lessons week 7

Preschool Supplementary Material 3 year old week 7



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