Preschool Week 6 & Week 7

So, my due date is quickly approaching. With that comes a lot of nesting urges, which my entire house has been feeling. Add to that the season of Christmas (which I enjoy decorating for!), and you have one very tired momma. And if you’re a momma, you know that the first few weeks of a […]

Preschool Lesson Week 1

So, I’ve finally compiled my preschool lessons so that you as stay at home moms (or dads!) can have something simple, short & fun to do with your child during the day. I have been out of the classroom for 3 years, and while I miss it a lot (the students, the parents, the high […]

Pizza Crusts & Momma’s shoes

    So, I really think that parenthood is always going to be full of surprises. Just when I was missing those moments that you have as a teacher when the children ask you to play dress up when them, my Lil’ A came out of  my walk-in closet wearing my shoes. I didn’t know […]