Pinterest Fridays!

So, I love using Pinterest! There, I said it. I am continually scrolling through DIY & Crafts and the Home Decor section. And I am even using it to keep track of the items I wish to add to my NEW HOUSE! (More on that to come…but if you know anyone who is looking for a new home, drop me a line! I’ve got a sign on my front yard as I sit and write this!! )

I have done a few of the DIY projects I have pinned to my wall. And I have to say they have turned out rather lovely. The thing that is hard about Pinterest is sitting at 2 am while nursing Lil’ E and seeing all the nice hot, delicious drinks like a homemade “Red Velvet Cocoa” (I know, RN-Red dye number __!) and wanting one right that second. Only to realize that I am much, much too tired to actually go and mix up such a fancy drink at by this time, 2:30am. And then the calories that I would realize I just consumed…now at 3:00am. So instead, I pin it to “FOOD!” and move on.


I decided that each week, I am going to feature some of my finds along with my interpretations of them whether they be recipes or DIY projects.

The first picture is the pinterest find, the second is my doing. Let me know what you think! (And this week, you might get to see two posts celebrating my new found appreciation for a virtual cork board!)


Source: None via Krystle on Pinterest

Source: None via Krystle on Pinterest

This is Pizza Casserole. Oh….this one was a hit. I’ll explain my recipe , since I had to make a few modifications based on what was in my pantry.

This weekend’s post will have the step by step instructions (with pictures!) of what our casserole creation looked like!


Here are a few other DIY finds on Pinterest!




I need to make myself a craft apron….and I am going with some ruffles! We will see which one I decide to knock off!


I am really loving all the ruffles I am seeing everywhere! While I can’t really pull off the ruffled tops…I love a ruffled skirt! I am thinking my girls need some!


I hope you’ve enjoyed looking through my scrapbook! While not a true scrapbook like my friend, Jackie does, it’s like  those scrapbooks you had as a teenager of all the notes, programs, and photos from your locker each year. Ok, I was a journal/scrapbook (or scrapbox) girl!


Happy Friday!



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  1. Yay! I love Pinterest too!!! And hey – I’m sure we can find a substitute for that dye… and boy does that drink look good!!!

  2. I am very excited on hearing the details of your pizza casserole!!!!!

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