Overplanning Busyness

[mks_dropcap style=”letter” size=”52″ bg_color=”#ffffff” txt_color=”#000000″]S[/mks_dropcap]ometimes I find myself getting frustrated because I look around and see all my other friends being super planned. Meal plans, craft plans, activity plans for their kids, etc. I am a home-body. I love being at home. While I get the travel itch at times, it isn’t the travel to gymnastics, then a play date, then groceries, then home. I know why people think they are too busy. They have too many things planned for their days-in my opinion.

Here’s some background on this…

I was a teacher before becoming momma. I planned my weeks down to the detail. Towards the end of my short career, I had most of the details in my head because I’d done them so much, but I still had them planned.

I knew that if I put dish soap into the paint cups (that were lined with a ziplock bag) clean up would be way easier. I knew that after story time came craft time. I knew what themes I did when and what field trips went with each. And I liked it this way.


Then of course as most moms know, kids aren’t routine. But for some reason there is this huge pressure to be routine with your kids. Baby Wise them. Schedule them. And if you aren’t like this, moms around you judge. “How can she have a life?” “Her kids must be off the wall with no routine.”

Well, I’m here to say that while I love planning and love organization, I’ve learned to let it go. Why? Because no two days present the same challenges. Yes, my girls get up at 8am almost like clock work. But a night out during the weekend can make my nap schedule different. Someone may be sick and may be up all night…with me.

But I think what makes motherhood easier is having a flexible routine. I don’t meal plan as much as I’d like. I make the same meals….but sometimes they occur twice in one week.

One thing I have learned from the Duggars is that when you include your children in doing things, eventually you have more time for the planning you want to do. Like teaching them how to clean up a mess properly. While it might take two or three or ten times, soon they will just clean it up themselves. My four year old folds her own laundry. It took a long time to teach her how to fold things properly…however how important is properly really? If the edges don’t match up, that’s fine. Praise her for helping. The more she does it, the better it will get. No one but you sees the edges not lined up in the closed cupboard.

I guess what I am saying is…take time for the little things. Don’t be so scheduled and so busy outside of your house, that you forget to enjoy the fact that your children really like Spaghetti and tomato sauce and want to eat it every night. Add a different side for yourself and your husband. Those little things won’t last forever. Enjoy playing blocks, smashing towers and colouring. Don’t plan a new craft every day. Give yourself time to rest and enjoy the little stuff.

This is really my last year to “relax”. I have a soon to be kindergartener in the house. Whether she is bussed to school or driven, it will all mean more routine for me.

Speaking of routine…nap time for Baby M is over….time to plan lunch!


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