It’s been a looooong time!

Well, life is busy. I know, an excuse, but for me, it really really was. Let’s start back in September….

I am part of the worship team at church….and was putting in about 8 hours a week working on our cd project….writing, playing, recording, recording, practicing…..the list goes on. About this time, I found out I was pregnant again with Baby #2…and with it came a delightful round of morning sickness. I had just started babysitting little A’s friend, Miss S and well, that was a party and a half. Two girls-13 and 16 months at the time. Oh the joys! I love them both to pieces! But those were three busy days each week.

Then….we recorded and I got sick. So sick I called my mother in law to come for 2 days and help take care of everyone…including my wonderful husband:).

Into November and I was busy sewing every waking moment that was free of children-and even some moments had children combined with the sound of Elmo in the background. WeeStock-the first Trade Fair/Craft Show I was doing for Daisy’s was on the 20th. I did make it, with a few quantity adjustments and it was a success. The rest of November and beginning of December was filled with completing orders and sewing up Christmas gifts. Throw in Christmas baking, the birth of a new baby in our circle of friends and you pretty much come to today-December 26th.

Yes, I missed Christmas itself-I slept through some of it and watched my daughter open presents through the rest. It was the perfect way for me to end the season-resting.

I have taken a vow to only sew for fun for the next 2 weeks. Don’t get me wrong, I love sewing for Daisy’s-my enjoyment of sewing is what led me to start the company-however, after such a busy season, it is really nice to browse the internet and look for fun projects to try out with the remaining pieces of my stash. There are a few fun projects in the works for Little A’s big girl room/bed and some pillow covers for the living room, which I will post photos of as I beginning.

Which leads me to 2011. I have a few great ideas for Daisy’s this year. Along with a few more tutorials and new fabrics coming to the store, I have an idea for a party featuring “Daisy’s”. I have been to a whole lot of home parties as of late. Tupperware, Stampin’ Up, Discovery Toys, etc, etc. They all are pretty great, but my favorite is the stamping parties because you get to make something and go home with it! So I had an idea-what about Tutu’s? Could I through a Tutu party? I’d have our other products there as well, but the hostess could invite up to 6 people and each would come and get to make one no-sew tutu for $15.00 and get a discount on other products good through the end of that month. Anyway. I am still formulating the idea exactly-but need your input! Comment below with your suggestions and let me know what you think about it! Also, I’d like to know what people would like to see in my shop. Hairbows? More Tutorials? Early Childhood approved books? Play Clothes for kids? Contact us using the form in the upper right hand corner of the website or comment below!

Merry Christmas Everyone! Enjoy your time with Family and Friends!


P.S. My early New Year’s resolution is to post more photos! I always enjoy reading blogs with photos, so I think you do too!

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