Why a Garden?

So, I’ve had this question a lot lately. “Why do you call your online store, “Daisy’s Garden?”

Oh, that answer is a long one….but it goes something like this.

About a year ago, one night in the middle of the night…2 am to be exact, lil’ A was up. I had yet to get my sleep back fully. She was about 4 months old and just starting to sleep the night. When I get woke up in the middle of the night, I tend to be wide awake. That means by brain is instantly turned on and I start to think.

At about this time, I knew that God was telling me to stay home from teaching indefinitely. I was trying to deal with that emotionally, but was also trying to think about what I’d do. I’m highly creative, so teaching Preschool, Kindergarten and Music fit me to a tea. Creativity only goes so far with a toddler. There are times when they just want to go off and wander in their own world and I knew I’d be left playing with puppets on my own.

I got to thinking about all the things I was starting to enjoy about being home. I had picked up sewing and writing mainly, as these were both things I felt were a way to let me creativity flow. I had already purchased paints for lil’ A and was working up the bravery to try finger painting. (Which honestly, I was missing the afternoons of painting in my K5 class already, so this was for me.) I was also feeling a bit lonely at times being at home all day, and thought it’d be great to have a place where mommies could go and just read and be encouraged that someone experienced the same thing as them that day. And a place to go for solid advice on children’s book, etc. I was sewing a lot of blankets for my friends who were having babies and getting some wonderful comments on the baby gift  buckets I was doing.

After about an hour of thinking and lil’ A falling asleep, I had it. I would start sewing blankets to sell on Etsy.com and start a blog. I just couldn’t let all the thinking lead me to no where. After gently laying lil’ A in her crib, I tip toed downstairs and grabbed a pen. And I wrote down all my ideas. I decided since lil’A had been born in April, and April’s flower is a daisy, I’d call it Daisy’s after her. I really love little pond/bug/flower themes, as is evident in her nursery, so it fit with me.

So after sewing and blogging for a while, I was approached by an old friend, who offered to help me get things running as one unit as opposed to all over the place-I had three lines under my name on my business card to tell you how to reach me and my products! When it came time to pick a domain name, he suggested Daisy’s Garden-and it fit. I have a huge garden of not only handmade products, but my blog, tutorials, etc.

Not as glamourous as you might have expected, but it’s the story behind this company. I love what I do. I’m at home and I get to paint, color and create when I want. I guess it’s perfect. I have a vision to take Daisy’s to a brick and mortar establishment, but we’ll have to see where that leads.

So,  that’s the story. As always, let me know you are reading! Visit our facebook page often, as we are ready to do some great give aways in then next few weeks!

Thanks for reading!


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