So, I’ve taken up gardening. Nothing serious, but I’m enjoying the beautiful flowers. It’s like painting just a 3D version.
I eventually want to have the veranda overflowing with shade plants, I’m just looking for the right ones. Ikea had some bright , large pots to add, but I’m
Not sure I’m ready to commit to red on the veranda.
Little A really likes the dirt and flowers. I think I need to do a cutting garden. I’m not sure I the small veggie garden will get put together, but I’m starting the seeds inside now.
And I want sweet peas. They are so pretty. Again, I need to start these inside if I want anything in July. We’ll see…

For all those cloth diapering moms, I am just perfecting the cloth diaper, diaper pocket. It should be done by Saturday.

That’s all for now. I apologize for the lack of posting from us at Daisy’s. With my nice veranda perfect for writing, I think I’ll be doing it more often in the coming weeks.


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