Over the Top Swap

So, my friend & I decided to take in this interesting event here in our city! The Over the Top Swap. There was a marketplace to shop for handmade goods, a spa and the best part the fashion swap.

We brought in our gently used or new clothes-stuff we once loved, but now needed something new to fall in love with. Here are my favorite finds this past weekend!

The dress has quite a story. When we were checking in my friend’s clothes, I saw the lady in front of me, putting in this dress. I said, “I love that…I have to get that”. Now, I should have just given her one of my tokens right then and there, but I didn’t. Which was really part of the fun.

Once I had a great 20 minute massage, we went upstairs to use our tokens. I wish I took photos of that! People where grabbing clothes and just trying them on around the perimeter of the room. So we just jumped in, squeezing our way through the crowd and picked up some pretty great finds. I still have tokens left to use at the fall swap, but I got about 8 great items and 1 not so great (I grabbed it at the last minute and didn’t try it on. An Item for the next swap!)

Anyway, the dress. My friend, while I was trying some clothes on, said, “Look, there it is!” We both started watching her like a hawk. She tried on the dress, she looked at herself in the mirror. I knew she wasn’t quite sure. She walked away, while we were admiring an older woman’s cute size 0 dress! She was so chic! If I was a size 0, that dress would have been torn between the two of us! Anyway. The “dress girl” returned, almost put down the dress, then took off into the crowd before I could even go ask her if she was taking the dress.

We left our “change spot” and went to look through the racks again. We combed through the crowd once again. I sent my friend down one aisle, but then I spotted her down mine and shouted for my friend to return. Two pairs of eyes are better than one, after all. It helped that this young woman had very curly, very long, very bold hair. We snuck up right behind her, trying not to make it obvious that we were keeping our eyes on her find.

Then we watched as she left the line. My reflexes were ready. If that hanger went ‘clank’ on the metal rack, my hand was going to be ready. “Krystle!! She put it down!!!” My friend squealed. My reflexes didn’t let me down. I had it! We left the line, I tried it on and it fit! Perfectly! I am so excited to wear it!!!!

OK, so going early on a Saturday, parking downtown, waiting in line with my clothes, walking through the rain, was all worth it! I got a perfect fit!

Keep your eyes peeled on Facebook, as they will be announcing another event.

In Daisy’s news, I have been perfecting the Cloth Diaper Pocket. I cloth diaper little A, but I haven’t done it too much out of the house. But I do know moms who do and have heard the complaints of not having a bag that holds at least two of them and a wipes container. I’m trying to give it a flat bottom. That requires me to make the pattern pieces longer. Something I didn’t think about.

I’m also making a swaddle blanket. In both the department store ones we had for little A, the pocket you put the baby in was too short for her. She was only 21 inches long, an average length.

And there is another baby due to arrive in my circle of friends. I have a few blankets to do for her as well. Some really cute classic blankets-no cartoon zoo animals or anything.

I’m on the hunt for black and/or white buckets for baby gifts. Not all mommies are into the bright, pinks, greens and blues that I have currently in stock.

Book news! I am meeting with a critique group tomorrow. Not looking forward to the content editing after that, but I think it will be good for me to develop more as an author.

That’s all for now. I’ve got reading to do….


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