A Pinterest Christmas

Since we’ve already established how much I like Pinterest and use it as a search engine more than I use google, I thought I would share the inspiration for my Christmas decorating. Then tomorrow, I will show how all the inspiration transpired in my home.


Source: indulgy.com via Krystle on Pinterest

Source: flickr.com via Krystle on Pinterest

Source: savearecipe.blogspot.ca via Krystle on Pinterest

 I have now learned a thing or two about decorating for Christmas. Know your materials and have a plan. I really like the chance to decorate for something significant because it is almost like an excuse to go overboard. As long as it doesn’t look like this:

Source: weheartit.com via Divya on Pinterest

I think I am fine!

(*FYI, I searched for “overdone christmas” on Pinterest. Some of it makes for a great laugh!)

I can’t wait to take you on a Christmas tour of my house! I am still second guessing a few of my choices. But since I am 37 weeks pregnant and counting, I just think it will have to stay.

Happy Christmas!


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