What is it you post about?

So, I recently got this question from a friend, and it got me to thinking; what really am I “blogging” about? After stalking a number of other stay at home/work at home moms who have similar businesses & sites, I think I have the answer.


The thing about being a stay at home mom, is that in the 12 hours that your children are awake, everything and anything happens. Now, I only have one child right now, but my mind is constantly going to May and when I will have two, thinking what will I do? Again, the answer is everything.

Once you toss in the work at home mom hat, you now have what I think to refer to as, “Everything and then some”. Your life is no longer just mommy, but work tasks have no been added to the brain on a constant basis.

So what is it that I want you to read about in this blog?

Everything and then some.

I feel there are lots of moms out there who just need that kind of time in their day. Everyone else you know is either at work, sleeping while the babies sleep (who does that?), or busy running around doing things that can’t be done when the kids are up and racing through your legs. Who do you talk to? Well, I like to sit down for just a few minutes and read through a few of my favourite blogs written by moms going through the same things as me-mommy, cook, maid, seamstress, wife…the list goes on….

This year, you will see more tutorials, more pictures and more about my daily life (with a baby and toddler)-which includes Daisy’s Garden, but isn’t limited to that! I hope you enjoy reading! And now that I hear Lil’ A up and about in her room…I must go grab my mommy hat that is laying on the stairs and go rescue the work I’ve done to her room…and her of course:)

Enjoy your day! I know I will!


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