Sunny Summer days?

So, it’s been oddly warm here. Little A and I have been visiting the park daily. It’s really great to hear the kids in my neighborhood playing outside. Kindof like a scene from a movie-parents and kids walking to and playing at the park. Children riding their bikes and chasing each other down the sidewalks. I can’t wait to get my veranda turned back into our summer family room.

Business news. Lots has been happening. While I am really thrilled at the way my brain is constantly in a creative state, I am really hoping that tonight I get to fall asleep without pulling out my bedside notebook. I keep getting such creative ideas-that still make sense in the morning! One of them is the felt hair/accessory clips. They are super cute and have both a alligator clip and pin. The best part is that they are not just for your little girls, but for you too! The little girl clips don’t come with the pins of course. These will be available online May 1st along with our hair bow frame.

I’ve been writing…more like editing. I have 4 different projects on the go right now. It’s a little much, but that wonderful creativity! I’m most excited about my novel. It’s just the editing getting me right now.

Tutorials are also on my mind. I have a few friends that sew and a few that don’t, so I’m trying to think of a sewing project that anyone can do. Afterall, I started somewhere. I really don’t like patterns, ask my mom. And I wonder why that skirt I made was such a thorn in my flesh, eh?

My latest personal sewing project was little A’s tutu and matching appliqued bloomers! Oh, they are cute. Photos to come! Next up-summer dresses. And I’m thinking I can create my own design from various patterns I’ve seen lately.

If you have any ideas for tutorials-things you’d like to see-let me know! If I’ve made something you like, let me know-it may be easier than you think to create it yourself!

Have a great week! Enjoy the sunshine-where ever you may be!

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