Diaper Pocket

Here is a sneak peek of our Cloth Diaper Pocket!

I have made and successfully used our Diaper Pocket (similar to a “Diapees & Wipees”-just better priced) sized for disposable diapers.

I am now trying adapt it for cloth diaper carrying moms-which I am one…on occasion. The photos show a too short version. I also didn’t do the corners of this version to make a 2 inch bottom. The reason-the lining got messed up. I love sewing-but I hate going by the “rules”. This time, doing the lining separately would have been a help. I am pretty sure the next version is almost free of issues, which I’ll post photos of as soon as I have at least an hour to finish it up.

Not only am I trying the cloth diaper size, but I’ve added a pocket for a change pad. I keep misplacing this in bottom or side of my diaper bag. If it’s with the diapers, I think it will be easier-but that still has to go through “mommy testing”.

These will be available in our store in a variety of simple, chic prints by the end of next week.

Enjoy! And let me know what you think!

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